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Why Houseplants Are an Essential Part of Interior Design

Plants aren’t just an integral part of life as we know it they are also an essential component of interior design. Houseplants, or plants that are meant to be kept and cared for indoors, are often one of the forgotten details that fully complete a home’s decor.

With so many varieties, sizes and colors to choose from, houseplants can be used to enhance numerous types of interior designs and styles. Regardless of a home’s basic design or decorative scheme, houseplants can pull the entire look together while giving the living space a warm, welcoming feel.

In addition to their beauty and general appeal, houseplants can be used to serve a number of different interior design purposes.

Naturally, most pieces of furniture and architectural structures are comprised of hard angles and surfaces with straight lines. But plant life has the ability to add softness as well as depth and interest to all kinds of indoor spaces.

Plants can cleverly be used in living spaces without entryways or foyers to create a more welcoming feel when entering the home. Or, use a line of plants to direct traffic flow to a certain room such as the living or sitting room, for instance.

Blooming houseplants are the perfect choice for creating an interesting focal point particularly if the blooms are in a color contrasting with the rest of the home’s decor. Create small groupings of blooming plants in areas such as fireplace mantels, end tables, coffee tables, desks, pianos and at the top or bottom of staircases.

Houseplants can also make a room seem much larger than it really is and they can even help to fill up some empty, unused space in bigger living areas. Cluster large groups of plants together all in their individual containers.

In smaller rooms, extend some of the outdoors inside by placing a few plants near the windows. For rooms with low ceilings, place a tall, thin plant with delicate leaves in one corner to pull the eye upward. If floor space is at a premium, use one or more hanging plants instead.

Alternately, houseplants can help to bring a cozier feel to large or sparsely decorated rooms. Rooms with high ceilings are perfect for oversized plants or those with long, draping foliage.

Use a grouping of several plants arranged together to divide large living spaces or to define one area from another. Bushy houseplants such as varieties of Ficus are ideal for filling boring corners.

Besides the plants themselves, the pots and containers they are kept in also add to a home’s interior design and appeal. Use complementary colors, styles and textures for all containers to ensure the houseplants are providing that extra, essential decorative touch.

How to Jazz Up Your Home’s Interior Using Magnetic Sign Holders

Magnetic trinkets have found their spot inside people’s homes decades ago, but they don’t usually make it beyond the refrigerator. Also, their use has been relegated to keeping bills in one place or displaying the kids’ artworks or “A” papers from school. There’s actually nothing wrong with using magnetic sign holders these ways. However, if you’re up for some weekend arts and crafts project and you’re looking for way to add a bit of personality to your home without burning a hole in your pocket, here are a few suggestions for you.

Proudly Display Your Own Vision Board

Today, having a positive outlook in life is not only a mantra, it has actually become a lifestyle trend. Big Hollywood celebrities and influential individuals such as Oprah are all advocating positivity. One of the ways life coaches and personal development experts instill a positive disposition among their clients is by asking them to create their own vision board. Essentially, a vision board is a visual representation of what you want to achieve and includes your short-term, mid-term and long-term goals. Instead of just creating a traditional checklist, a lot of experts say it’s better to have a visual reminder of these objectives because it’s more powerful. It also follows that if you can see it, you can do it.

Magnetic photo frames are good tools if you’re just starting out your own vision board. Just install a metal panel in a room in your house and you can proudly display your vision board. The great thing with this is you can always change the photos in the frames as you accomplish a goal and replace it with a new one. Most magnetic picture holders have streamlined designs which can easily fit into any room in your house. As a decor, a magnetic vision board is a great way to add your personality in a room.

A Magnetic Conversation Piece

What is a conversation piece? Essentially, it’s a unique piece of decoration that is so interesting that your guests can’t help but to ask about it when they come over. Typical examples are family heirlooms, antique furniture or souvenir items from exotic places abroad. If you want your own conversation piece and you want to take the DIY route, magnetic sign holders and photo frames are great tools. The best thing is, the possibilities are endless. For example, if you’re a lover of literature, you can print out snippets from your favorite poems and display them gallery style on a customized surface in your house using magnetic label holders. You can customize it as much as you want. Plus, since magnetic picture frames are extremely versatile, you can always change the look of your conversation piece whenever you want.

While there are certain guidelines when it comes to decorating, your home should not be generic looking. You should try to infuse a much of your own distinct style and personality and using magnetic displays such as photo frames and sign holders is an easy and inexpensive way to customize your own space.

Some Tips of Home Design You Should Consider

Home design is the most important thing you need to think about if you would like to build a new home or create renovation. There are some tips you should know which are related to this design. By understanding them, you will be able to do the proper thing for your home so you can enhance your home with the right option of decor and design and you will get the enjoyment from them. And then, it will make you more relaxed in your rest time.

The function of the room is the first consideration if you would like to make the design for your home. By knowing about the function, you will be able to determine the right thing and the design you make will be beneficial. Besides that, you should consider about the style which takes an important role in getting the right decor. You should choose the right style that is suitable with your willingness and personality. Also, it must fit with the function of the room.

Also, you need to consider who will place the room. If it is your child’s room, you need to make it based on your child’s willingness and it must be appropriate with the age. You can not make the design for your room to be the design for your child’s room. Also, you should think of the placement of objects and items at the rooms because they can alter the flow of movement to both the body and the eye. So, you can make the room different with others and you will be proud for having them.

Some considerations that are given above are expected to help you to make your home decor unique and different with others so you will be proud for having it. Home is the most essential place in the world so you need to make it different with others. Also, you can create a home design that could show your taste and personality so it will be suitable with your personal life.

And then, you will be happier for staying there. In fact, you can ask the help from interior designer if you feel that you have enough ability to make your home as what you wish for. But, you have to know that asking the assistance will charge you more money so you need to do it by yourself if you would like to save your money.