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Tropical Outdoor Ceiling Fans – Tips to Incorporate Into Your Tropical Home Design

Are you considering a tropical ceiling fan for your porch or patio? There are a few things you want to think about before simply heading to your local home improvement store and buying the first one that you like. You want to consider your home décor and the specifications you need to ensure that your fan is long-lasting in the face of outdoor conditions that can otherwise ruin perfectly stylish appliances.

Tropical patio decor

Most people who are interested in this style are going for an overall theme for their home décor. Maybe you got the idea from a popular interior design magazine or maybe you traveled to the Caribbean and were inspired to take home a little bit of the island décor and bring it home. Tropical ceiling fans are usually distinguished by their blades. Tropical ceiling fan blades are typically wider for improved airflow to keep you and your guests cool. Visually, these fan blades can vary in appearance. Many brands will use blades that resemble palm tree fronds while others simply oval-shaped with a visual appearance of wicker, rattan, or bamboo. The visual impact is quite dynamic and creates an instant feel reminiscent to the Islands. To tie in the overall look, consider coordinating the colors of the fan and its blades with your outdoor or patio furniture. While an exact color match might be your first instinct, consider that you may want a visual contrast between the fan and the rest of your outdoor space for a modern, contemporary feel.

Tropical outdoor ceiling fan specifications

While some homeowners mount their fans indoors, these are really outdoor ceiling fans. These fans have special motors and finishes that can withstand the wear and tear that would occur over time if you were to use it outside. Believe it or not, but water vapor from excessive humid conditions can completely ruin a perfectly good appliance. Look for either wet or damp listed, which can work optimally in humid outdoor conditions.

Popular tropical ceiling fan models

There are plenty of manufacturers that offer these appliances. One of the popular popular brands is Fanimation. You may want to take a look at the Fanimation Windpointe, Bellapointe, or Islander fans. These models are available in a variety of finished to match your home décor and feature blades of many different colors and finishes as well. If you’re looking for a double ceiling fan, the Fanimation Palisade is a popular choice for its contemporary style.

Monte Carlo is another name in outdoor ceiling fans you want to be familiar with. The Monte Carlo Peninsula ceiling fan can be used indoors or outdoors. Their Mandalay collection includes several recommended models that may fit the room décor you have in mind.

There are many, many other brands names you want to check out. Most manufacturers have at least one model in their catalog because of their popularity. Now before you head off to Home Depot to grab a fan, also consider that there are many online retailers that offer these styles at discounted rates compared to what you can find in brick-and-mortar stores. Some of these retailers even offer free shipping and live customer support if you have questions about your purchase (or not sure what to purchase!). Try Lamps Plus, Lighting by Gregory, or Lumens. You can also head to Amazon but you’ll lose the live customer support if you need it.

How to Choose a Home Designer

A home designer can be a draftsman, an architect, or an interior designer.

Be careful, though, of hiring one person to design the home and another to create the full blueprint set. In my experience, if there is no communication between the two from the beginning, elements of the design will be lost or changed because the firm drawing up the blueprint set is not aware of the importance of these elements.

When interviewing potential home designers, there are a several very important things to look for.

  • You want to feel that the designer is able to really listen to what your needs and wants are for your home.
  • Is the designer asking you lots of questions about how you live your daily life? These are the insights to understanding your needs, and how your house should flow. Whether you’re planning on retiring in this house, or selling it in a few years, the floor plan must reflect those needs.
  • What is important to you should be important to the designer. After all, it is your home, not theirs. If a designer says they don’t like to show you anything until “it’s perfect” – be concerned! If you’re not seeing the progression of the design, you are losing your opportunity to make choices, to have a voice. Most people need to see something on paper in order to clarify what it is they do and do not want. By being involved in the design process, you are saved costly changes during construction.
  • Will your designer be available during the construction process?With any project, questions will come up that are best dealt with between the designer and the builder.
  • Be sure you’re getting a full set of blueprints required for your area. Otherwise, you’ll be paying someone else to create the additional pages. These hidden costs take away from your spending budget for things like lights, appliances, flooring, etc.
  • Site visits are crucial if the designer has a real concern for helping you build the best home for your land. How disappointing to find out too late that you’ve just missed being able to capture the views from your home because there were no site visits.

A good designer will make all the difference in bringing together these and other elements to create a home for you. Make sure your thoughts, concerns and ideas are heard. Otherwise, you’ll be spending money during construction to fix what is lacking in the plans.

Using Mosaic Tiles in Your Home Designs

Mosaics form a significant part of our historic references through the ages enabling us to draw upon a far richer look at our past that had they not been around. In addition to providing your home with a little something special its worth considering that you can never underestimate the power and wealth of information that mosaics have provided the human race over the centuries. Using mosaics is an exciting, powerful and vibrant way to decorate your environment.

There are many features and benefits associated with the art form that are mosaics but there is none better than creating a completely unique and inspiring mosaic piece yourself. Consider that mosaic tiles are a little something which will last a lifetime being colourful, practical and hard-wearing product. It is common to see them in bathrooms, numerous kitchens and especially in selected commercial environments. Many are unusually textures and iridescent to increase their artistic interest and versatility.

Ceramic mosaic tiles are largely made use of for structural applications because of their easily availability, low-priced and straightforward to trim utilizing normal tile nippers. In addition to ceramic tiles,Glass mosaic tiles are increasingly becoming popular particularly because of their potential to impart intense colour and reflect light, and their imperviousness to water. Mosaic tiles are durable, trendy and versatile and probably this is the reason behind people preferring them over other tiles.

The colour palette for mosaic tiles is extremely wide with a plethora off choices which are vibrant and bright, but also are available in hundreds of textures as well as colourings. Mosaic tiles are already vibrant and bright, but also are available in hundreds of colours with many textures and iridescent colors to increase their artistic interest and versatility. The grout line colour plays an important role in the finished appearance of the wall and as there are many colors available to choose from and you should choose a colour which combines well with the mosaic.

The next time you are considering updating any part of your home spare a thought for a mosaic. A customised creation will help define and shape to which it is applied unlike any other material. Attempting to find inspiring and creative style and design ideas is often very difficult my hope is that the above is fired your creative juices enabling you to try a little something different and reach the greater interior design and style heights.