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Wood Window Blinds – Tips on How to Blend Well With Modern Interior Home Designs Part 2

Here, in part 2 of this series, we will be sharing tips from the perspective of wood window blinds functionality.

Customizing your wood window blinds has great benefits. You could choose your desired color and design, style in the form of either shutters or standing shades, as well as materials, either real or faux wood. You can even opt for insulation blinds for better heat management. You also have a choice of using multiple mini blinds or one large pane across the entire window. With customized blinds, you can manage your sun control, light filtration as well as insulation much better.

Many people install blinds to maintain their privacy. For those looking to prepping up the office presentation room or your very own home theatre, the wooden slats are capable of blacking out all sunlight from your exterior when the blinds are totally closed. For more sunlight to stream into the room, you can partially open the slats upwards to deflect the rays to the ceiling to avoid glare.

Depending on the type of wood materials used, real or faux wood, the maintenance process is slightly different. For faux wood which are made for easy maintenance, simply use a damp cloth to wipe the frame and slats or use a dust buster if you clean daily. They are hardy in nature and last longer in more humid environment, so you can safely use them in your kitchen, bathrooms and even sauna rooms.

The new age designs and colors of wood window blinds is capable of giving you a renewed sense of ambiance in your space. In fact, if you choose to mix and match the various types of wood materials within your home, namely basswood, bamboo, oak, teak and faux wood, you would be creating a very uniquely personalized home. Wood and wood composite materials never fail as a good investment for the home.

What Makes A Good Home Design?

A home design from an architect’s point of view is not just brick walls painted with expensive colors and finishes. There are many factors involved while designing any architectural building.

Architect’s prefer two types of approaches while designing a home building. In the first type the architect focuses on the requirements of the client as far as number of spaces, style, budget is concerned. He may discuss various aspects with his client and come up with a unique home design that is the best possible solution for the needs of his client.

On the other hand some architects think the opposite way. They first visualize the complete form of the home building and then “fit” the necessary spaces inside this form in the best possible way. One of
the best examples of this type of designs is the “Guggenheim Museum” in New York designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

This museum designed has been derived from an inverted cone form pointing down at the ground. The rest of the museum spaces have been very creatively “fitted” in the cone shape without disturbing the
massing of the cone itself. This type of design practice requires a great deal of command on visualization and designing of circulation spaces within the building.

So which of the above two is the correct method? Both are correct methods, that is because the success of any building design is not dependent upon the methods of design but the comfort levels of the residents.

If a home building can not provide basic comforts to the residents like fresh air circulation, ample sunlight, clear circulation spaces, then it can be said to be a failure. Fulfilling these basic requirements of a home design is not at all dependent on expensive construction methods.

Even a low cost home building can be a great design that makes full use of all the natural resources to make the residents comfortable. That is why a good design does not mean “expensive design”. In the
modern contemporary design styles simplicity is the key to better design and interiors. The design that can solve the basic functional problem as well as triggers the emotional impulse in the user is considered a good design.

The Benefits of Using Marble and Granite in Home Design

You can be sure that there are all kinds of creative ways available for you to radically alter the appearance of your home, and people love to do nice furniture changes or design modifications every now and then to outfit their living spaces with an attractive new look. If this is the sort of thing that you find interesting as well then there are certainly a lot of interesting things that you could do to improve your home’s design, and you may even be surprised at how inexpensive they can be. One thing you might want to try and do is have some of your furniture installations like bench tops and counter tops made out of granite or marble, and there are a lot of good reasons to consider these materials.

Starting with marble, you are probably already well aware of how luxurious marble tends to look. People have been using marble in the design of buildings for centuries already and the material is certainly well associated with luxury, class, and wealth. At the same time, even though it is much more expensive than other similar materials like polished concrete or granite, it is not that expensive to the modern homeowner. If you go online and do a search for marble counter tops and bench tops it is quite likely that you will find a variety of different manufacturers of marble products. Have a look at what is on sale to see if there is anything that you would like to have in your own home. Custom marble manufacturers are also available in case you want to have something special made.

When it comes to granite, you will find that it is the option of choice for a lot of people around the world. One of the reasons for this is that it tends to be less expensive than marble, but ultimately a lot more durable as well. If you have a look at some of the granite bench tops and other granite products available for sale you will also see that when granite is polished it tends to look extremely attractive. Granite can have all kinds of textures and shades so you will certainly have plenty of styles to choose from in order to make your home design beautiful.

If you have decided that you would like to incorporate things made from granite or marble into the interior design of your home, the first thing you will need to do is find a good manufacturer of granite and marble products to buy from. There are a lot of great manufacturers online and it will not be long before you find what you need if you choose to make a localized online search for granite and marble manufacturers in your area. It is also usually quite possible to find some great prices on these products when you buy them from stores online, so if marble and granite are materials that you really feel could make your home look better, don’t be afraid to go online and look for them.