Home Design Details

Buying a new house for the first time is a very nice experience but also quite a big challenge. You are spending a lot of time on searching the right location and appropriate price. When you make a decision and find a perfect place you feel a great relief when the deal is done. After buying furniture and arranging them you think that the case is over. But didn’t you forget about something, design details maybe?

”The devil is hidden in details”, says the well-known saying. And also appearance of interior of your house depends on small details that you may probably forget about. They are probably not as much essential as dining table, wardrobe and bathtub but having them makes life easier and more pleasant. Make it also more human. What are those details?

First, curtains. It is very important to decide if we want to have them or not. If the answer is yes we should think about the color and material that they are made of. They are very important when it comes to a bedroom: they bring intimacy and specific mood. And in this case they might be heavy, quite long, in deep red color. If it is a kids room the curtains should be colorful to suit children’s happy mood. In turn window in kitchen may have nice ornament from small curtains, in some food patterns perhaps, and frills.

Second, cushions, blankets and bed throws. There are not only useful stuff for every home-lover They not only bring worm in a cold day but also a nice feeling that we are in our own house. How does it work? Most of people have their own favorite blanket that is a souvenir from childhood, that brings moments in their life that they barely remember but feel and know that was the most peaceful ever. Cushions and bed throws that match blankets pattern or color will give a complementary and very nice look.

Third, carpets and mats. The floor is very important part of the house and every apartment. Especially when we live with a dog – having the house clean becomes a hard work. So, we can’t forget about special dog mat or just a good washable door mat that will easily keep the dirt of dog’s paws in one place. As it comes to bathroom bath mats will make the deal of slips and falls when coming out of the shower, and mats in the kitchen with signs ”kitchen” will make it look more sophisticated. And carpets left in the whole house is a great way to complete the look of the living room, bedroom, dining room and corridors.

There probably might be more important items that number you can’t even imagine. But when you deal with those which were mentioned above you can ask yourself: “What is still missing in this room?” and the room will tell you itself. Thanks to curtains, carpets and blankets you will gain great basis to arrange with even smaller details.

Wood Window Blinds – Tips on How to Blend Well With Modern Interior Home Designs – Part 1

Wood window blinds tend to blend very well into modern interior home designs and enhance the theme of your home. Regardless of real or faux wood materials, venetian shades or shutters, they are capable of blending well into the surroundings. Check out the following tips on how this can be easily achieved.

Whenever we mention real wood blinds, we tend to associate them with the darker stains of mahogany, chestnut, oak which tend towards a traditional look and feel from a color perspective. However, real wood do come in other more avant garde forms of materials of bamboo and basswood which provide a lighter shade of wood color which gives a more modern look and feel. Use basswood which is amongst the most popular in recent years for that lighter hearted ambiance if that is your preference.

Faux wood window blinds are fast becoming increasingly popular due to their versatility, durability as well as affordability. They literally comes in a wide range of colors and designs to help you blend them into the overall decor of your home. Made of composite synthetic materials, they are extremely durable and do not warp easily in moist environment like the bathrooms and kitchen. Faux wood provides quality in terms of texture, variety of choices in designs and colors, durability, easy maintenance as well as affordability. They are cheaper than real wood blinds by about 30 percent. No wonder they are rising fast in the must have list of home interior design.

You might not have thought about it but using a valence could help you eliminate the use of curtains. And if you are amongst the less skilled in home improvements, the wood window blinds mostly allow to mounting from the inside of the frame, which is less complicated to manage.

One key complaint about blinds is that the slates are heavy and they tend to pile up at the top. A good option is to use a motorized mechanism which makes for smooth raising and lowering them a bliss.

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Tip on Utilizing Artwork to Inspire Home Design

Have you recently remodeled your living room space? If so, you will surely need to redecorate the room. Use this chance to redesign your favorite space to give it a fresh look, that will appeal to your family, friends and most of all yourself.

If you’re not much of an artist, never fear. When it comes to interior design, it can be as easy or as difficult as you make it. You can easily get a head start to coming up with great color schemes for your living quarters by using your favorite painting as a reference point to your redesign. What you will want to do here is pick several shades of color in a painting and reuse those colors in your furniture, wall paint as well as carpets, in a way that is coherent. Generally speaking, you will need a rather decent sized painting that will be the main wall feature within the room – smaller paintings just will not have the same impact. If you already have a painting that you love so dearly then great, move ahead to the next step.

Now, stare at the painting for a good amount of time and notice its colors. Good paintings will always contain a color scheme of some sort, and never a random mix of colors. This will ultimately be the color base which you will work off. Try to find a neutral hue within the artwork – generally paler colors will work better. You should paint your walls with this. Next pick out 2 more colors that stand out in the painting, then pick out different decor for your room that match those hues closely – these are called “accents”.

Don’t forget to include this color scheme in all pieces of furniture, curtains, window sills and the like. On an off note, you will want to keep the windows along the same hues as the walls, unless for a particular reason you want them to really stand out. But remember, the painting should be the centerpiece here, not the windows. You should not have any major pieces of furniture that contains hues that are extremely different from what you see in the painting either. Doing so will result in the wrong color scheme and causing the whole room to appear chaotic.

If you have done this correctly, the room will look fabulous and your friends and family will wonder why they never spotted the artist in you all these long years.