Add an Eclectic Touch to Your Home’s Interior With Tibetan Rugs

If you feel that something is lacking in your home’s current interior decor, perhaps you need to add an item that is unique in finish and will cap off the look of your concept. These days, there are various accessories that you can procure that can give an aesthetic character to your orientation, but perhaps nothing can beat the appeal of Tibetan rugs. They are not only decorative items; they also have an eclectic appeal that can make a beautiful contrast inside spaces.

Making Tibetan rug is an ancient, traditional craft in the Himalayan region. These textiles are made from sheep’s or yak’s wool, referred to as changpel. Such embellishments serve varying purposes ranging from flooring to wall accents to horse saddles. However, most of the time they are utilized as a seating or sleeping carpet.

The process of creating such types of tapestry is truly unique as the methods of knotting are distinct from other kinds of traditional weaving. They are mostly done by hand, giving them their one-of-a-kind designs. In most cases, they feature strong contrasting hues, especially red, purple, blue and yellow. They are commonly fitted with central floral medallions and patterned borders, though designs such as snow lions, animal prints and other detailed pictorial symbols are also usual in these items.

Nowadays, styles of Tibetan rugs are profuse and vary greatly from one another. Among the most notable are tiger and Wangden matting. Many western collectors are interested with tiger mats due to their association with Tantric meditation as they appear to have been made as token for lamas living in monasteries. In a religious context, they are related to the tiger skin loin cloths worn by Buddhist gods in paintings. Hence, they are said to provide protection to people who engage in meditation.

Meanwhile, Wangden is a special form of mat that has looser weaves, lower knot count and thicker pile compared to regular models. Most of the time, these items have shaggy fringes and were originally used as monastic sitting carpet. Today, these textiles are woven only in Wangden valley, making them more expensive.

If you are thinking of purchasing these beautiful furnishings to complete your home’s artistic conception, it is always ideal that you settle for genuine hand-made models. However, accomplishing this can be an arduous task as machine-made carpets often resemble authentic handcrafted items. Hence, when in the market for these accessories, consider that the wool used should have a long staple length and higher content of lanolin, giving them their characteristic smell and durable finish that does not shed fluff and become matted after cleaning. Once you are able to find the right one, incorporating it into your orientation will definitely make a unique statement that you will love.

How to Select an Ontario Home Designer

Wanting to build a new custom home or addition in the Province of Ontario?
Then you need a Ontario Province approved designer

Now…How to you select a good, experienced, licensed Ontario Home Designer? One that will join with you and help create that beautiful new dream home and that will make the process stress free & fun!

When looking for a Ontario licensed home designer or house plans for your new dream home there are certain things you should be on the look for:

First – How many years of experience does the designer/design firm have and do they have good rapport in the building industry?

Second – Ask to see some past examples of their designs and their work. Pay attention to the amount of detail they have provided in their designs. Some so-called designers are only educated in the construction & time management – what you need to find is a Architectural Technologists/Technician that have been educated in the construction processes, as well as in actual exterior & interior design aspects from an Architectural stand point. (i.e proper flow of a floor plan layout, proper proportions for roof design, curb appeal, uses and flows of room and specific sizes etc.)

Third – you need to find a designer that that has good client reviews. Google the designer, ask local builders & building departments. Ask the designer for a list of contact information of their past clients. Ask these past clients how the process was, and..(was the project completed on time?, was the price fair?, were the characters and personalities of the designers easy to work with?, how did the home turn out in reality?) etc.

Finally, make sure the design company is licensed with the province of Ontario’s Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing, insured and holds the proper documents for producing plans that will be accepted for building permit.

All in all – spend your time researching for an Ontario Licensed Home Designer / design firm before selecting them to join with you and help design your new dream home!

They need to be knowledgeable and confident in what they do.

Beautify Your Home’s Interior With These Handy Tips

Interior design is something that can be applied by anyone these days. All you have to have is a little bit of knowledge in the subject and you should be well on your way towards having a good idea about how to fix up any home. Read on to learn more.

One smart tip about interior design is to always be aware of the lighting in a room. If a room lacks windows, you should choose a light colored paint in order to prevent a cave-like effect.

Use your own photos as artwork. As a cheaper and more personal way to adorn your walls, use photos that you’ve taken. Either have prints made and frame them or use one of the many photo-to-canvas providers to have your photo made into a gallery canvas. If you are more tech-savvy, you can alter your photos in software to make them look even more like artwork.

Make sure you have all the storage space you need. You’ll never get a room that looks like it came out of a magazine if there’s clutter everywhere. Look for attractive containers covered in a fabric that matches the rest of the room. When you make storage a part of your design, it’s easy to make a room look fabulous.

It’s great to listen to what experts say about designing, but don’t copy everything they do. There’s no way you can create the home of your dreams if you don’t trust your gut instincts and come up with a design that matches your personality.

A great interior design tip is to start going hunting for antiques. You don’t have to pay a fortune to get some interesting antiques. You can always go to local stores and try to barter with them. Who knows, you might end up with something that will spark many conversations.

Have you been wondering what to do to make your coffee table more pleasant to look at and less cluttered? Think about placing a few focal items on the coffee table such as some large books and a small vase with some cut flowers, this is a nice touch for any room.

Antique Furniture

If you are buying antique furniture and want to add some flair you can always buy modern handles and hardware for it. You will have a nicely built piece of furniture, and it will look modern to add a new touch to a room. There are many different types of hardware available to suit any style.

As you have learned from this article interior design becomes easier to understand the more you learn about the subject. Make sure that you are always on the search for more information about interior design and you should have an easy time figuring out what your home does and doesn’t need.