Virtual Home Design Software – Google SketchUp

Nowadays, home design software come a dime a dozen. A lot of folks have taken the cheaper route when remodeling their homes by creating the designs themselves. Because of this, the demand for virtual home design software has risen and the response from the software developers has been equally swift. In fact, Even Google themselves have come up with their own home design program in the form of the Google SketchUp program. Here’s a quick look at this particular program as well as some of its best benefits and features.

Getting Started

It wouldn’t be too surprising if people, especially those in the architecture and interior design industries, would meet this program with some skepticism on the onset. One might ask what kind of experience Google has in this field and whether or not they will be able to produce an effective program. However, being the computing giants that they are, users will be pleasantly surprised that this program is actually quite impressive home design software.

There’s actually a free version of this application and users may want to give it a spin first before actually purchasing the Pro edition.

What’s great is that the demo version – which will last for up to 8 hours of use – is only 33 Megabytes in size. This means that downloading, as well as installing should be a breeze. Nonetheless, Google was able to pack in a whole lot of useful features in such a considerably small program, which makes Google SketchUp a commendable piece of designing software.


Perhaps the most impressive feature of Google SketchUp is that it is very user-friendly. It comes with a straightforward interface, as well as features and functions that are not difficult to learn. Should there be any problems in this regard, the program comes with integrated tutorials. There’s a dedicated training tab that works wonders. This is definitely a great application especially for those with very little to no experience in home design software.

Added Features

Aside from the multitude of built-in features on the program, users also have the option to download even more bonus packs on the application’s website. Other than new objects and samples, the download section also offers a rendering program, called iRender, that will help produce wonderfully rendered outputs. The built in rendering application is not that impressive, but with the addition of the iRender feature, users should be able to come up with results that are of the professional level.

Users who enjoy the trial version will need to cough up $495 for the Google SketchUp Pro Edition.

Decorative Concrete – Redefine Your Home’s Interior With Decorative Concrete

Changing Trends Of Interior Designing Industry

With time the interior designing and house interior decoration has taken a different dimension. With several newly invented useful and cost-effective materials one can now change the interiors of a house or an office completely. The new breed of interior designers all over the world now extensively depends on new techniques and innovative measures and designs to give a separate meaning to the entire interiors of the house.

Hiring The Best Interior Designer

To conceive a complete state of the art design one designer should apply his professional skills along with the right application of materials which will turn the design into a true masterpiece. In a modern form of interior designing the designer play a pivotal part. They not only enhance the beauty of the interiors at the same time they help in changing the design-dimensions.

Decorative Concentric- Make Your Home Beautiful & Unique With Decorative Concrete

In floor decorations and wall decorations, decorative concretes are used . Varied patterns and types of decorative concretes are available in the market. They are made with a mixture of crushed stone, sand water and several other chemicals they are colorful and robust. The concrete passes through an extensive process to gain its finished form.

A finished product has to pass through process like pouring so that it is cured and put through acid staining which gives decorative concrete a very classy look. The polishing gives the concrete the shine of its own and other chemical treatments change the look as well as the inner durability of the end product.

Beauty With Strength

The decorative concretes have proved its edge over its contenders in the market because of its several unique characteristics. It has earned adulations and applause from its users spread across the world. The first quality which made it the cynosure of several customers and which cemented its place in the drawing rooms and in the conference rooms of innumerable customers is its multi-purpose usage. It cannot only be used in the walkways, patios or on the driveways but also in decorating walls or in giving a new dimension to the flooring of a posh office.

Learn About The Different Properties Of Decorative Concrete

The decorative concretes are durable and well-built. The longevity is more than any of its competitors. As they pass through a grinding process before coming into a proper shape and size they inherit all the best qualities which help them to survive in any adverse conditions.

If the floor receives minimum footsteps daily then it also needs periodical maintenance to keep the concretes in good condition. To keep the decorative concrete floors good one can opt for wax treatment which will help the floor to last indefinitely and will keep shiny and attractive.

String Draperies – A Contemporary Option for an Unique Home Design

These days, you will find numerous types of draperies available on the market. If you feel that it’s time to improve your interior design and opt for something contemporary, then you have to select your curtains accordingly.

The latest trends in the designing industry point towards very simple, uncluttered and spacious designs. For attaining such a purpose, you will need plain, classy draperies. The conventional heavy drapes are no longer an option, especially if you opt for a minimalist pattern.

You will need drapes designed to filter the light coming from the windows and give you some level of privacy, simultaneously not influencing the aura of open space. String draperies are ideal for this particular objective. They are an excellent modern alternative to popular conventional sheers. Being made of individual strings, they allow the sunshine to go through, creating a fascinating light and glowing effect.

In addition to being incredibly aesthetic, string drapes can also be functional and easy to install. They are available in various shades, measures and materials, permitting you to choose the product that meets best the style you are considering. Light shades are the most popular when it comes to string draperies, but this does not mean that you can’t choose a deeper shade (or even a glowing one). Not to point out the simple fact that you could also purchase (or make by yourself) lace string curtains, or string drapes with beads!

There aren’t any boundaries to the flexibility of this accessory. Feel free to use them not only for covering your windows. They’re also practical room-dividers – it’s easy to transform a large area into two smaller rooms simply by installing string draperies with tie backs: any time you want some privacy, all you have to do is untie the drapes and voila! Your room is completely transformed. Such a situation is ideal when you have a big kitchen and you require a dining area, or you have a large bedroom and you want a corner for an improvised workplace.

String curtains can also be appropriate for designing a wall. As we all know, decent paintings are very pricey. Rather than shopping for a low-priced artwork that will create a bland ambiance in your residense, you could be more ingenious and create an exclusive wall ornamentation by utilizing string drapes! Feel free to use one shade (just don’t forget to match it with the rest of the home design) or blend many colors.

In case your house is compact and you don’t have a special storage room, you could be pressured to keep several things cluttered in one spot, or use a few book shelves for this specific purpose. In such a case, it could be smart to conceal this ugly spot by using string drapes. This will instantly add space and brightness in your room, allowing it to seem larger than it actually is.