Home Design For the Senses

When decorating interiors, homeowners most often rely on their sense of sight to gauge how attractive a room is. Most, however, forget that there are four other senses that the human body uses and these are as important as sight. The best and most comprehensive room designs are those that are able to engage all five senses and create a space that’s best experienced and not just seen.

Sight is where most homeowners and designers start decorating, mostly because it’s the quickest and easiest way to judge how a room appears. There are two ways to visually engage a person – with colors and with shapes. While solid colors are the safer choice for decorating a room, colors that contrast with or complement each other make a room seem much more interesting. At the same time, mixing up shapes and playing with proportion can give a room personality and character. They’re effective enough on their own, but the best visual effect comes from using shapes and colors in harmony.

Auditory senses should also be engaged by the ideal home. And while a stereo system or a television could provide sounds, none of those sounds say anything about a room. Compare that to, say, the tinkling of wind chimes hung from a window or the gurgling of a small fountain in a corner. Either of those two sounds help set the mood of the room and give the space its own ambiance.

Your sense of smell, which is itself closely related to the sense of taste, is one of the most overlooked of all the senses. Believe it or not, the olfactory senses are some of the easiest to engage when it comes to decorating a room. A set of scented candles will already be enough to generate some interest with a visitor’s nose. Add a pot of potpourri or a small pot of heated aromatherapy oils to enhance the experience and reinforce the ambiance that you want to achieve in the room. You could even combine sight and smell together with, say, a bowl of fresh ripe oranges as a centerpiece for the dining table.

Touch is a very strong sensory element and shouldn’t be overlooked in your design. Your skin can sometimes pick up messages that can’t be sent through any other sensory pathway, so your design should hold something interesting for the sense of touch as well. Mix up textures with curtains, throw pillows, various fabrics and the like. Different materials often feel very different to the touch, so try to incorporate a whole range of materials when designing the room so that guests will be curious enough to explore your little world of textures themselves.

Your floor, in particular, is a great place to add textures because it’s most often left as an unbroken and smooth expanse of wood, tile or cement. A simple rug should solve that little issue by breaking up both the texture and the color, giving your floor a whole different look and shape. Whether you plan to use rich and plush rugs or rough ones with short threads, they add a whole new dimension to what would otherwise be a boring room.

Give a New Dimension To Your Home Using Interior Design Ideas

Having the perfect home is something each one of us thinks about. Being a proud home owner is not less than an honor today but the ultimate satisfaction comes when your home is designed and decorated tastefully. Interior design ideas for homes are numerous the real task is choosing the suitable option. An essential part of home designing is wall paint. Transforming the plain walls is also an essential aspect of home d├ęcor.

Indulging in some colour therapy when designing your home can help in adding fresh look to your home. In terms of wall painting and colour selection there are a wide number of options to choose from, below are a few.

A different colour for every room: When it comes to painting a home there is ample scope for experimentation. Every room is used for a different purpose, while painting the rooms this needs to be considered. For instance aqua blue will add a refreshed look to your bathroom. You can also try wall effect paints that you can even customize as per your favorite texture. From French lace to Spanish lace and even mud finishes, there are paints available to suit your taste. With these interior design ideas you can make every room unique and tell its own story.

Lighting: Well fitted lighting acts like icing on the cake and helps enhance the wall paint colour. You may apply the best quality paint on your home walls and hang masterpieces on them, unless your lighting is well placed you will not do justice to your home decoration. If you think coloured lights are just meant for pubs think again, as you can use them within your home keeping the look classy yet distinct. Making use of coloured and detailed fixtures will not just brighten up your space but also serve as an interior accessory.

Blinds: Any home is incomplete without curtains and blinds. These help block the sunlight to a very high extent and now are also an important aspect of home decoration. Blinds are available in numerous hues that can be matched with the colour theme of your home interiors. There is a high degree of customization that can be brought into curtains and blinds to make them compliment the look of entire home.

With the above mentioned 3 vibrant interior design ideas you too can let the colours flow around your home. Reflect yourself on your walls, blinds, lightings and everything that helps give your home a refreshed look and make heads turn.

Modular Home Design Options

There are many homes for sale right now, but finding the perfect home for your family can be a challenge. Rather than waiting for your dream home to go on the market, why not design it for yourself? Modular homes allow consumers to customize almost every aspect of their house, choosing options and designs that will enhance their family’s lifestyle while staying within their budget.

If you have been house hunting for some time you know how difficult it can be to find a home that meets all of your criteria. Whether it is too few bedrooms, not enough storage space, or bathrooms that are too small, homebuyers may end up purchasing a home that is not exactly what they want. The good news is that modular homes offer hundreds of floor plans and customizable options that allow families to design their perfect home.

Your modular home will look almost identical to traditional built homes. However, unlike a traditional home, it will be completely customized to meet the needs of your family. Your builder will work with you to design a home that will work for your entire family while staying within your budget. Because there are so many floor plans and options available, there is a style and floor plan to suit every individual.

Selecting an appropriate foundation should be one of the first decisions you make. Today’s modular homes can be built on many different types of foundations, including a slab, crawl space, or basement. There are advantages and disadvantages to these different types of foundations. Your budget may determine which option is best for you.

Another decision to be made is how many floors you want. Modular homes are available in one-story, two-story, and even three-story models. There are hundreds of floor plans to choose from as well as a vast range of choices for exterior treatments, customized interior features and accessories, flooring, cabinetry, kitchen and bath design, and much more. Consumers are able to design every aspect of their home to make it personalized and customized for the specific needs of their family. There are plenty of options available for every budget and style.

Specialty options like decks, porches, garages, and attics can be incorporated into your new modular home. These items not only make your home more enjoyable and functional, they improve the overall value of the house. These additions help consumers to individualize their house and make it as close as possible to their dream home.

You can be sure that the modular home you design will be built to last. Tight quality control standards are maintained within the factory environment where your modular home is constructed. Internal and third party inspectors are on hand to ensure that your new home will meet and exceed all federal, state, and local codes. Constant inspection and supervision means you get the highest levels of workmanship available.

A quality modular homebuilder will work with you to design a home that will be both beautiful and functional. He will guide you step by step through the design process so that you end up with the house you have always wanted.